Roll Cages ROPS

We produce our own safety cages or ROPS – Roll Over Protection Systems, in house. These are made to Motorsport UK specification with approved CDS tube and are suitable for UK motorsport including track days. (not FIA approved)

We design, produce and install roll cages on an individual basis to the clients specific requirements. We do not sell self install kits – with the exception of GT86 / BRZ Safety Devices bolt in cages for which EDM are the sole Safety Devices dealer.

Prices for a basic 6 point cage as shown in the diagram start at £1650 (track day rear only cages from £650) As a general rule each additional optional tube to the structure are priced at £75. Additional bends to any tube are priced relating to their complexity, for example a tube with one bend will cost more than a straight tube, but will cost less than a tube with 4 bends in it. We will discuss the individual requirements with the client and provide a quote for the final design.

All prices assume the delivery of a bare shell ready to work on. Any further preparation that’s required prior to being able to install the roll cage is charged at an hourly rate of £49ph. For example this may include, but not limited to, removing interior trim (inc seats, dashboard) obstructive OE welded brackets, fuel tank, wiring and seam sealer.

The tube we use as standard is Proformance metals MSUK compliant ROPT510 CDS in either 38mm or 45mm with a 2.5mm wall thickness. Alternative materials and sizes are optional. e.g T45.

We can also install safety critical items such as the new MSUK seat mounts and harness attachment points. Please contact us for a quote.

Additionally we can arrange for painting of the cage & interior following an install. Please contact us for a quote.

Prices are for weld-in cages only.

All prices are plus VAT.

Contact us with your requirements on 01869 278942 or email