Rolling Road

 Rolling Road Dyno In Bicester, Oxford.

At EDM Racing we have our own in house MaHa LPS3000 4wd rolling road dynamometer. MaHa dyno’s are used by some of the worlds finest car manufactures and tuning experts. MaHa is known within the industry as one of the most accurate rolling roads available due to way the system measures rolling losses which is an important feature that enables a very accurate calculation of flywheel power figures to various industry standards. The system also shows wheel power, torque, and run down losses. Many live OBD data streams can also be shown.

EDM Racing rolling road services include:

Basic power runs…. Set charge £69+vat  Pre-payment required.Bruce

Ideal for those who simply wish to discover the output of their vehicle’s engine. A number of non adjustment runs are completed and a print out providing the all important figures are given at the end of the test. This is a basic strap down power test and will show wheel bhp, torque, run down losses, flywheel bhp & corrected flywheel bhp to desired industry standard and air fuel ratio. Other ECU data is available via the vehicles OBD port if the channels are supported by the manufacturer.  Due to the high number of ‘no shows’ we now require pre payment for all power run bookings. Pre payments are non refundable.

Mapping & tuning – Charged by the hour. £69 +vat ph
Used for tuning and/or testing – Power runs or constant speed tests can be performed as often as you like during this time.  Typically we’ll use this time to fine tune (or you can tune) your engine’s ECU calibration maps. Also excellent for fault diagnosis, and running in of engines & transmissions.

Day rate £485 +vat. (between 9-00 & 17-00 only)
Use this time for anything you like, but typically it’s either time for you or your chosen tuner to make your own adjustments and have us check the results. Alternatively it might be a day spent having your engine management system calibrated by us.

For 750MC & P8R/PBMW regulation power tests please contact us for discounted prices.

Professional tuners and Trade customers, please enquire for discounted prices.

For further information on our rolling road dyno services please call EDM Racing on 01869 278942. Please note we operate our rolling road on weekdays only.